The Women on Boards (WOB) NGO is an initiative by a group of dynamic and charismatic ladies dedicated to inspire and empower the next generation women of the Maldives by unleashing their economic power. Women on Boards advocate having more women in top hierarchy positions at all levels of the country which can lead towards a more efficient and developed nation. This drives towards a more diverse and collective mind-set which incorporates a wider range of perspectives and therefore reaches more sensible national developmental decisions. The echoes of women on boards reached the Maldives on 13th January 2015, when the non-profit initiative was registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

As of day, WOB has composed a board with seven executive members, endorsed many professionals as individual members and leading corporates as corporate members. In this regard MTCC, MTDC, MWSC, STO, RKL, Allied Maldives, Ensis Fisheries, Maldives Post, Bank of Maldives, Maldives Stock Exchange and Maldives Securities Depository were endorsed as our corporate members. We are the leading advocates of diversity policies and gender empowerment in the in the Maldives.

Our Vision

To become the leading organization for economic empowerment of women in Asia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading organization in the Maldives promoting gender diversity across the board and inspiring Maldivian women to the next level where ever they are, regardless of their position or economic standing.


  • To increase women’s participation in corporate boardrooms and executive committees for institutions, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
  • To open up more business, economic and social development opportunities for women by working with the government and relevant stakeholders.
  • To provide career guidance, coaching, mentoring and other training programs for women.
  • Strive and work towards gender equality and to alleviate the challenges faced by women in advancing in business, economic and social sectors with support from local and international organizations.
  • Promote corporate governance and board diversity within business organizations and institutions.
  • To eliminate the impediments faced by women in achieving executive positions within business organizations and institutions.
  • To promote a fair and just environment for women on boards free from discrimination.
  • To conduct improved advocacy and research on women’s role in leadership positions in the business, economic and social sectors and boardrooms.
  • Represent & advocate the WOB cause in local and international shareholders and investor’s associations and participate in their activities.
  • To recognize the work of local and international women in promoting corporate governance, women empowerment, and their role in economic and social development.
  • To recognize efforts and advocacy of institutions and individuals who have made outstanding achievements in contributing to the development of Islamic finance locally and internationally.
  • To reduce social imbalance, promote gender equality and women empowerment by addressing the issues of economic and social injustice deterring the advancement of women in the society.


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