Ms.Fathimath Shafeega
Former CEO, Capital Market Development Authority
Board member of Maldives Islamic Bank
President, Women on Boards (NGO)
Senior Adviser, Ensis Group of Companies
Former Director, Capital Market and Corporate Governance Institute

On behalf of Women on Boards, I would like to give you heart felt appreciation for what we have achieved this year.

This is our first year of inception; we have made several inroads in our plight to bring diversity and gender equality to our Maldivian workplace.

To date we have more than 200 individual members on board, along with 12 corporate members, eminent international supporters and many diversity champions behind WOB.  This dedicated team of partners, volunteers and supporters has made our first year a success and I look forward to many more years of bringing an equal balance to the Maldivian society. 

We have taken a number of initiatives, some which have been completed this year.  First, we are lobbying the Maldivian Government to pass facilitative legislation.  We are continuously and passionately calling to impose a quota system of equality for government affiliated boards and leadership positions. It is our hope the government takes its leadership to a new level by mandating our nation to have female equality in society. 

Secondly, we have positioned outreach agents in our atolls. These women of distinction are enabling women to become diversified, whether it is education or employment, our outreach agents are available to counsel and guide future extraordinary women of power. 

WOB has conducted capacity development programs related to educating women: to teach them their marketable skills.  Many women have received independent appraisals and helpful suggestions on their C.V.’s; they have worked on their presentation skills and pre interview preparation, all in hopes of empowering themselves. 

We have begun the process of becoming an international NGO, reaching out to international organizations, and by participating with the South Asian Federation of Exchanges to collaborate as a whole to begin gender equality to this part of our world. 

It is not possible to build a developed society without fair and equitable treatment of women.  Gender equality will lead to a stronger, safer and prosperous nation.  Gender equality must be supported because it is a moral wrong to tolerate a society that metes out unequal treatment to half of the population based on their gender.  

A better environment can be established by creating women who are confident in their rights and have been provided with the opportunity to spread their wings. 

On behalf of myself and our team of dedicated members, I urge you to go forth and invite other strong, capable women to join our league.  Together, we can make a difference in the Maldives. 

To another successful year with WOB

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